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1 Piw commented Permalink

Nice. <br /> Just today we were wondering, what CPU overhead SWv7K have - especially in light of incoming RACE compression (will it really steal 3 of 4 cores?). <br /> Because if we think of RACE compression, in addition to "natural" thin-provisioning (32k block) and EasyTier with SSDs - all on full 240 DDM setup - customer can have little doubts if CPUs will get along :)

2 orbist commented Permalink

Next post is all about 6.4 - and whats coming - and some more posts after that about RTC itself. Logic and RTC don't come into it - but yes, we need those cores!

3 orbist commented Permalink

I added this for the Sun/Oracle Z fan-boys over on the register, but puts it in perspective - with respect to, best SSD capacity/performance usage : <div>&nbsp;</div> Oracles Z stuff used : <br /> 8x 512GB SSD <br /> 8x 73GB SSD <br /> and 280x 15K RPM disks <div>&nbsp;</div> Total SSD capacity = 4680GB <br /> Total HDD IOPS = 280x 300 = 84,000 IOPs just from the HDD <div>&nbsp;</div> So the SSD only contributed : 137,000 - 84,000 = 53,000 IOPs <br /> Which based on 4860GB is 10.9 IOPs/GB <div>&nbsp;</div> V7000 used 18x200GB = 3600GB <br /> 120,000 IOPs <br /> So is 33.33 IOPs/GB <div>&nbsp;</div> Maths speaks for itself

4 Dumadum commented Permalink

Certainly this benchmark is a proofpoint for the capability of the V7000. But nowadays it seems only IBM seems to be publishing benchmarks. What is the point of having these when your competition refuses to acknowledge the capability of their boxes. Seems a waste of money to me. <div>&nbsp;</div>

5 orbist commented Permalink

Dumadm, <div>&nbsp;</div> I think you will find that only EMC don't contribute at all - but they like their performance graphs not to have scales on them... Pretty much all other major vendors submit their boxes to SPC and recently (2012) there have been submissions from HP, Fujitsu, Huawei, NetApp and SGI...