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1 LozDavvers commented Permalink

Barry, <div>&nbsp;</div> Glad you managed to stagger home ok after the launch. I was one of the gaggle of techies huddled round the v7000 after the show. The v7000 is an impressive development from IBM, usually IBM gets the technology right and the usability wrong ;-) this time it is an all-round performer! <div>&nbsp;</div> Laurence <br /> http://smablog.org <br />

2 orbist commented Permalink

Laurence, <div>&nbsp;</div> Saw your post, nice write up, and I figured you were one of those huddled round with some of your "insights" :) <div>&nbsp;</div> Glad you like. <div>&nbsp;</div> Barry

3 AngeloBernasconiBlog commented Permalink

I'm working on SVC 6.1 RedBook production since 6 weeks and I want to say that the new 6.1 GUI used in V7000 and SVC is really great. Service Assistant is very helpfull and I love the new GUI as much as I hated the previous one........You and the team did a very good job.