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Great to meet Carlos at OSCON - he's clearly a rising star! You should do him a favour and actually link to his Twitter account rather than just listing an ID. In fact it would be great to see him publishing his own posts.

I assume Worklight also installs into the most recent Eclipse Juno release?
My overall takeaways - "mobile first" / responsive web design trumps server side rendering and desktop; both the IaaS and PaaS cloud layers and key; and Open Source is a huge trend driving real economic trend, as Tim O'Reilly himself stated in the keynote. It would be fantastic to hear more about what IBM is specifically doing to contribute and give back to the OSS community, rather than just giving away closed-source runtimes to developers.

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Another thought - polyglot programming and non-Java, or Java+ runtimes (e.g. Scala, Groovy, Play) are hot, as is node.js in particular. Worth tinkering with those, as well as the growing NoSQL movement.

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Hey Andy,

It was nice meeting you too, thanks for posting your thoughts. We currently support Eclipse Indigo, not Juno, but that should change soon (unless someone pushed a fix pack I'm not aware of!).
After reading Node.js in your comment I remembered something every JavaScript developer should play around with: CoffeeScript ( =]