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1 pmuellr commented Permalink

I saw, but did not follow up on, the JSONx excitement over the last few days. I did a quick scan of the links you provided, and have a question for you.

I saw in the reddit thread folks talking about being able to make use of existing XML tooling like XSLT for JSON documents. That is, I guess you take your JSON, convert to XML using the JSONx transform, then can use things like XSLT on that document.
Curious if there are other use cases besides "use existing XML tooling".
The counter-argument to doing this is to change your view so that everything is a JSON document, and then use things like "code" (in whatever language you want to support, since every language supports JSON somehow), instead of XSLT. Kinda big change to the architecture. :-) On the other hand, if you're writing new XLST to handle JSONx'd documents, then you're writing new XSLT. I'd honestly rather be writing code and XSLT.

2 RSalz commented Permalink

There are systems that use XML; there are systems that use JSON. We just want to be able to help them work together. As far as answering "why" I think that sums is up.

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