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1 GoAzure commented Permalink

ADFS 2.0 is built into Windows Azure, organization can now offer claims-based tokens that will work with both Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft's cloud-based services, enabling hybrid cloud scenarios.

More Information is curretly at: http://redmondmag.com/articles/2010/04/23/microsoft-set-to-release-adfs-2.0.aspx

2 GoAzure commented Permalink

ADFS 2.0, Active Directory Federation Services 2.0, is a key add-in to Windows Server 2008 that promises to simplify single sign-on authentication to multiple systems and the company's cloud-based portfolio.

Danny Kim, CTO of Boston-based Microsoft Certified Gold Partner FullArmor, who has stress-tested ADFS 2.0, said it is ready for production.
"ADFS 2.0 does the linking of identities back to our server space and our cloud-based services and we have one version that works across all of those environments," Kim said. One major financial services firm wants to roll it out right away to allow its users to authenticate applications running on FullArmor's Windows Azure-based applications, Kim added

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