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1 vrathor commented Permalink

Just wanted to add to above, the ARM is not a new invention or not something which was recently developed. It has been around since 1983 (as per wikipedia) and many micro-controller / microprocessor devices, old & new alike, have used this for their processing needs. E.g. my motorola E6, a linux-based phone uses ARMv5 based processor.
One thing that people easily get confused with is the "ARM processor". Remember that ARM is an architecture which basically provide the instruction set. It's not a processor. The various processor vendor (e.g. Texas Instrument, Faraday etc.) implement this and produces the "ARM complient" microprocessor or micro-controller.
As for the micro-servers', this is a whole new topic for me to dig in, thanks a lot Sandeep for bringing this on the surface (reminded me of the days when I was on the verge of destroying my mobile!).
Thanks once again.

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