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1 jgerber commented Permalink

thanks for explaining how the cloud enables Corent Technology to more easily and economically develop/test/preview solutions and how this is helping their business model. also found it very interesting that cloud solutions based on ibm middleware helps Corent address potential customer concerns around security for cloud-based applications.

2 David_Salinas commented Permalink

We have been thinking about using PureXML at developerWorks as well. Cool to know that others are utilizing that cool functionality from native DB2. On the security front of clouds, I have read quite a bit on concerns related to the healthcare and financial sectors. Could you elaborate any with further with respect to those sectors?

3 HHS commented Permalink

This was great! Thanks guys - I really liked the information and the format.

4 jgerber commented Permalink

If you are not using IE8 or Firefox and are having difficulties viewing this video, it is also available at: