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1 robinlangford commented Permalink

Really clever juxtaposition, Scott! I only wish Rational AppScan could do something about my periwinkle invasion. It looked so innocent in the gardening magazine. : /

I'm glad you mentioned the trial version of AppScan available on developerWorks. We've actually got both Developer and Standard Editions:
I'm looking forward to the next nature video. Got any footage of zebras?
Thanks, Scott.
- Robin

2 slaningham commented Permalink

Zebras are usually everywhere is Wisconsin, but I saw none of this trip. : ))

Thanks for adding the links to downloads. And as for Perry's Winkle, I think you could use the AppScan box like a hammer and beat them down. Happy gardening!

3 vskinner commented Permalink

I like the video. Gold star for creative analogies.