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The more I read about life on the Oregon Trail, the more I realize I am not pioneer material, at least circa 19th century. I guess it is that two-edged sword of progress -- easier life makes for softer people.

And yea, Starbucks could have done very well back on the Oregon Trail. I'll bet you could have squeezed another 2 miles per hour out of a wagon team running on straight espresso.

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Poor wagons - they probably had to go many miles without a Starbucks, too. How did they do it?

(Of course some may be asking the same about you - and how you are surviving with a party of 10 on board!)
Looking forward to more blogs. Safe travels!

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Scott, you're my hero. I'd love to do the same trip. Growing up, we did 2 trips across the US with 9 (out of 10) kids, a Chevy station wagon and a tent-trailer. Any family of 8 kids sticks out like a sore thumb in today's society but was much less common in the 60's and 70's when I was coming of age.

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Kevin,Thanks for the kind words. I'd say you're MY hero, station wagon and pop-up camping with 9 kids. We did the pop-up for the last four years and finally decided that stepping on each others heads every morning to get out of bed was getting old. And the kids were growing anyway. So we bought the big rig early this year, and we love it. If gas stays high we'll just get some horses to pull it. : )I knew a lot of big families like yours when I was a kid, and they all knew how to fit into a station wagon. Amazing.

all the best, Scott