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75 dollar rim shots with the great Rodney Dangerfield? Can you tell me more?


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Around 1982 or '83 (can't remember exactly) I was hired with two other Austin, Texas musicians to sit on stage with Rodney for some concert dates in Austin and San Antonio. He sang one song at the start of each show and then we sat there, right next to him, for the whole hour plus doing nothing. I had to do rimshots for two jokes he wanted punctuated in that manner. Remembering where they were in the hour show was tough, and of course, he moved through his material quickly. I was always a bit slow for his taste, so he would make a joke out of that, which was cool. How many people get to be the subject of a Rodney Dangerfield joke?

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I came to the 75 dollar number by taking the total I made, counting the song as 50%, and splitting the remaining 50% up between the two rim shots. That's how important they seemed to Rodney anyway.