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1 localhost commented Permalink

For the past few weeks I have not been able to download the new episodes of the podcast. Every time the connection times out in iTunes. Is there a problem on the server where you put up these podcasts?

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Vanni,I corrected some mistakes in the feed a few weeks ago but it appears to me to have been working fine since that. You might want to make sure you are subscribed to the dwall feed which includes both twodw and the dW Interviews. That might solve this problem for you. Here is a link to that feed in iTunes. Try unsubscibing to what you have now and subscribing to this and please let me know if that solves it. If so , I'll post about it here in the blog.

3 localhost commented Permalink

I am subscribed to the dwall feed. Right after posting the above comment I was able to download the Feb 6 & 13 podcasts. But now stuck with the Feb 20 one. I'm thinking it might have to do with my internet connection here. Thanks anyways.

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