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1 VRyzhkov commented Permalink

Hi Sebastian, <div>&nbsp;</div> why you use <br /> configshow | grep pWWN | grep alias <br /> instead of <br /> nodefind pWWN | grep -w Aliases <div>&nbsp;</div> In my understanding using "configshow" gives too much of overhead. But nodefind is much more useful in getting details on port or wwn. <div>&nbsp;</div> PS And using root is usually not an option :)

2 VRyzhkov commented Permalink

And one more thing - I wonder if you script works correctly if there is more than one alias for one pWWN.

3 seb_ commented Permalink

Hi Val, you are right. It seems nodefind is the quicker alternative for the revalias function. And it's also a problem for the script if you put a WWPN in more than one alias - and I bet there are environments out there where that actually happens.

4 crookedm commented Permalink

Have a look at nszonemember -a or (-u to show everything not zoned)