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1 CharlesRivet commented Permalink

To answer the question from the blog, yes, I do believe that requirements management is still relevant (and important)! <div>&nbsp;</div> However, we do need to keep in mind that the form of the requirements has changed over the years and be ready to adapt! Over the years, "requirements" have evolved from simple "structured English" (from my assembler/C days) to various text and visual modeling approaches. Any tool and practices must keep pace with the advances on how we see and approach requirements, e.g., with the "agile" way of sprint-focused requirements. <div>&nbsp;</div> Traceability (and all the good things that come out of it, e.g., completeness and impact analysis, etc.) is still important and needs to adapt to the various forms of requirements that we know today and that will come tomorrow! <div>&nbsp;</div> Fun times ahead!