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1 drumr56 commented Permalink

The pyramid is ok for product development, based on what the business wants to sell. For information systems that support business processes, however, I suggest it does not work. It is not about "needs", it is about process and the information used in that process.I have used Requisite Pro to do this; does IBM have a method for information systems?

2 VijaySankar commented Permalink

I agree with you that the pyramid is more suitable for development starting from understanding market need. However I also believe that it is equally applicable to other cases also; The pyramid is more a generic representation and the 'need' should be considered more from that angle - in information systems it could be both the business process and information flow. I don't have a similar diagram for it. <div>&nbsp;</div> IBM provide capabilities such as business process diagrams and storyboards in Rational Requirements Composer for capturing and documenting that information, from which requirements (needs) can be derived. For more details visit -

3 drumr56 commented Permalink

<br /> Visit IAG Consulting at , a partner I believe, for a process that addresses information systems.

4 VijaySankar commented Permalink

Thank You David!