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I tend to look at the evolution of video gameplay similar to the evolution of hip hop music- considered to be a joke, and only those who are fool-hearted enough to involve themselves with such a music genre will soon realize that this kind of music will eventually fade. However as the audience for hip-hop music grows, we see the application of its fundamentals almost in every facet our culture- clothing, language, etc.<div>&nbsp;</div> The same way that hip-hop has 'caught on', I think the practical uses of video game technologies will do the same, especially those technologies that make games interactive with other players. As a gamer, the MMO in MMOG is certainly what makes it cool.

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Yup, that kind of trendspotting is how companies that do research for the likes of Nike make big bucks. <div>&nbsp;</div> Not that it matters but I think the MMO trend may have the hip-hop trend beat though. If you count the early days around 1978, it probably took into the 1990s (about 12-15 years) before it really started reaching the top of the music business money-maker. MMO took less time when you consider the first commercial ones like Ultima Online started in 1997 and by 2005 (8-9 years), WoW is already considered near the top of the industry; and most major games have some multiplayer capability now.<div>&nbsp;</div>

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