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Hi there,You don't know me but I found your entry through a friend of mine. I'm a software developer too and I'm interested in a lot of the things you mentioned here. I was looking forward to the development of the Semantic web too. I'd read about it when I'd just graduated and I hadn't seen too many developments since then. What's going with that? I have a feeling there's a bump in the road because a lot of the content we have online is just that... simple content. And the current AI techniques aren't quite there in terms of extracting the really relevant content out and using those. The most we've done is indexing and summarizing maybe some collaborating based on similar keywords. They still don't mean squat to the computer though. Concepts like time, location, presence have are still in their infancy so using all the content on the Internet and imposing complex concepts like these might take some time. I think there needs to be greater strides in artificial intelligence before some of that stuff comes out. For now, we still have caveman-like attitudes towards information and its organization.Anyways, I'm proud that I found somebody bengali that's made so much progress in the tech world. Maybe we'll meet each other one day... Cheers.Sarwar Bhuiyan

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