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This is an interesting subject and dear to my heart as we have baby number 2 due in January.I have had to completely change my gaming habits during the past 3 years. I am sure that many people will be in the same position. Of course this was less of a problem when games where not so much part of our culture.The great things with entertaining yourself with games is that you are around and in the house to help the family and timeslice.However that's also the bad thing, as unlike going out to play golf its not a real getaway.Turn based games, easy pauses, short missions are all ideal it woudl appear. That equates to the same sort of profile as is required of a mobile game.I find that the free roaming/sandbox games give me the most freedom. Its fun to just drive around, walk around, doing strange missions or trying new things. The only problem is most of them are 18+ games.I really need grand theft auto with no swearing and killing whilst little ears and eyes are about.My 3 year old is already getting into games, she likes Zuma, but tries to make all the balls go down the hole. More recently we got locoroco on the PSP and she really loves that and can, in general do it.Massively single player games may offer a way out. The problem with online is that you let the othre players down if you have to change a nappy in mid mission/race/fight.Good luck in you hunt, and when you find the perfect one, let me know as I will be back to late night early mornings

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Simpson's Road Rage is actually more like Crazy Taxi with a lot of driving involved but it has some similarities to Grand Theft Auto without all the heavy violence. It's cute too for kids. <div>&nbsp;</div> I actually do go on SecondLife at night but more to roam around looking at stuff since it's hard to do too much one handed.<div>&nbsp;</div> My friend John brought over his XBox 360, but we only played Halo2 mostly (for older Xbox), and the newer ones didn't look so amazing.<div>&nbsp;</div> I downloaded the Caesar IV demo, but there's a Civ IV mod called Fall from Heaven which is amazing.<div>&nbsp;</div> -rawn

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