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Thanks very much for your positive comments. Here's some more specific responses: <div>&nbsp;</div> <strong>Leadership</strong> <br /> You're right that we've focused on only leadership from management rather than other more informal styles of leadership. From my knowledge of the case studies, both of these factors were in evidence but we didn't do enough to bring out the influence of the latter. Certainly something to consider in future. <div>&nbsp;</div> <strong>Organisational Size</strong> <br /> I think the points you raise are interesting but I'm not convinced that they're relevant. We were looking at the impact of an organisation's size on its ability to adopt enterprise 2.0. The point about Dunbar's number might be more relevant to a discussion about how enterprise 2.0 might affect the structure and size of organisations and support an extension of a person's network. <div>&nbsp;</div> More generally, thanks for all the suggestions of how we could augment and improve the work we've done. Very useful!

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<br /> Thank you Mike. This is a substantial piece of work that you and the team have done. We'll be talking about the findings within our company for sure. I still have the other half of the paper to go through, but I appreciate you taking an interest in my input.

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