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1 NTKD_Duco_Bergsma comentou às Link permanente

I would like to see some set-up options, like an option to specify the home/mail-server and the user-name. What about version check / auto update?

2 RajPatil comentou às Link permanente

Sure. I will post some screenshots for the setup, but really, all we have is the 1st setup screen where you specify the UserName & Domino Server, it then prompts you for the password, and that's it. No more setup screens. Since this is the 1st release, there's no version check. But we are looking at browser like update of an add-on.

3 StephanSKKopp comentou às Link permanente

Would be great to have a silent installer, no input of server or user names, just use some pre-defined settings for the first contact to the domino servers and then automatically use the values from the person document to find users mailserver and mailfile.

A multi-user installation should be also included. The plug-in might be a good choice for multi-user pc's, but only if it can be used by any user logging in to the pc wihout a new installation or reconfiguration.

4 NickHalliwell comentou às Link permanente

Can you give a an idea when we can start testing this new version. I had the version that came with CD4 but it crashed Firefox and I had to uninstall it, I did try several times. I think it was clashing with some of my Add ons.

5 RajPatil comentou às Link permanente

@Stephan - we do support multi-user & that's the default. This will then install the plugin for all the users on that system, and each one can use it without needed a new install.
@Nick & Stephan - Code-drop 5 would be out very shortly for 8.5.4. This will have all the latest changes and almost final installer. Please use this. Nick, if you still face crashes, we will need to investigate. We do not have (or should not have) any conflicts with any other addons. Theonly thing we install is the notes: handler in the browser.

6 garry_l comentou às Link permanente

Hi Raj,

Will this be formally supported in a Microsoft Terminal Services environment? At present IBM will only support the Notes client with Citrix but if this is just running through a browser then I wouldn't have thought the TS environment would be an issue.

7 johsmads comentou às Link permanente

Hi Ray,

Why do you need installation? This is the way I imagined it would work:
- A user receives a link to a Notes application, e.g. a Notes link, and clicks on it.
- If the users has a Notes client, this is invoked, otherwise the browser is invoked and the plugin is loaded. The link includes whatever is needed for the application to run (e.g. server name).

8 Dale comentou às Link permanente

1. Would apps that are partly converted to X-Pages (80/20 rules!) work OK in the browser plugin?
And if they do (or if they don't) will their be a way to flag that the X-Page parts should render directly in the browser?
Or do I have to make sure apps do not contain any X-Page design in order to work in the browser plugin.
2. Will my workspace, contacts and bookmarks roam to my browser plugin?
3. Because it is basically a client install, I assume licensing options will remain the same?
4. I take it that installing both client and plugin will not be supported (e.g. notes:// protocol will clash)
Thank you!

9 T0adL0ader comentou às Link permanente

Hi Raj, I am happy with the way it installs but do have a couple of issues outstanding. 1. Where are we with the $inbox / $Calendar view issues as in because you lock down the mail file in the latest version (the previous release worked amazingly well) it thinks some applications with inbox and mailing functionality are mailfiles and blocks them?

2. What other browsers and operating systems are you going to be supported with the plugin?

10 NTKD_Duco_Bergsma comentou às Link permanente

Raj, it seems the browser-plug-in actively blocks access to any mail-db. Please explain why and if there is a way to gain access to a mail-db anyway. We have some stripped down mail-files that serve as a kind of homepage for custom apps. Currently the mail-db block is a show stopper (CD4).

11 mbisi comentou às Link permanente

Hello Raj, i think you are making a very nice job with Notes Browser Plugin! I've tried in cd4 and works well
Thanks for the news,

12 garry_l comentou às Link permanente

Hi Raj,

Since putting this post up there are quite a few questions building up - any chance you could get back with answers?
There is clearly a lot of interested people and not much information.

13 DKReturn comentou às Link permanente

It will be great for light virtual desktops (TSE).

Does it use port 1352 to access the server ?

14 garry_l comentou às Link permanente

@13 That would be ideal for us as well but IBM can't confirm whether they would provide support in this enviroment. I've asked this a few times.

15 RajPatil comentou às Link permanente

Some responses...

@Dale - XPages would directly run in the browser and you won't need the browser plugin for it anyway. So you will retain the cool XPages interface as before. Roaming as always will work the same as it works in the basic or std client. Your bookmarks/contacts etc will roam. We are also moving your bookmarks to browser bookmarks/favorites, so you can access them via browser's bookmarks.
On the Microsoft Terminal Server, I will have to get back on. Need to investigate more on it before I respond. & Same for the mail access.

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