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Comments (9)

1 AlokJain8 commented Permalink

A big breakthrough I would say. Looking forward to this plugin getting deployed asap, I would then be able to access notes apps inside browser... pretty exciting!!

2 betcha commented Permalink

Simply Wow... any updates?

3 RJJJ commented Permalink

UNMODIFIED; are you kidding! This is a game changer, why would you ever use XPages when you could use the browser plugin? There must be a catch here, what am I missing? You can use a browser plugin and your notes application will work as it was in the client. If this is true, why isn't everyone jump out of there shoes scream OMG!!!! I guess I'll have to wait and see, but if this turns out to be true, IBM has just done the impossible and but Lotus Notes back on the MAP.

4 RJJJ commented Permalink

Ok; only threee comments on UNMODIFIED notes application that run in a browser like the client. There is something I'm missing because if that's true why aren't there a lot more comments about this?

5 AnnMcG commented Permalink

You don't have many comments because hardly anyone knows about it! I think it's awesome, I just found out about it at AdminDev last week, and went directly to management about it. They are very excited!

Do you know if this is a java plug-in? Just curious.

6 JohnCoutel commented Permalink


Using the Plugin, does it mean no more local databases, please ?
What's about any third party software, are they going to work like in the Eclipse/Basic version, please ?
Thanks in advance,

7 RajPatil commented Permalink

Sorry for late responses...
@RJJ -- this is not a replacement for XPages. XPages will give you a nicer looking modern app which look & work like a web app. What we are doing here with the browser plugin is just surfacing the same app with the same interface in the browser.
You will have the same actions, same view, same menus etc.

@John - yes, we will support local databases, and replication as before. And workspace, of course.

8 Heyrik commented Permalink


I just looked for this "Lotus Notes Application Browser Plugin" and my first question in mind is this one: what need is it for ?
- I just installed the plugin package and it works... but what is the plus regarding a LN85x basic client, except the package size?
- you have to install a package, like the standard/basic client
- it creates binary files/folders, like the standard/basic client
- it creates Notes personal data on the computer like the standard/basic client in a multi-user installation
The less I saw is :
- it destroys any other previous client version on the computer
- it doesn't provide you addons like Sametime.. even in a basic mode...
- no quickr in the client
- you can't access mail databases...
All the best,

9 avanceconsulting commented Permalink

I was there and it was awesome.

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