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1 Dale commented Permalink

Is it possible to have a mixed application (rather than a mixture of either X-Page *or* basic Notes applications)? e.g. A basic Notes application that is in the process of being converted to X-Pages, where there are some X-Pages rendered in Standard Notes but also forms and views. Would it still launch basic elements in the plugin, and from the plugin launch X-Pages in the browser? And the reverse?

Just wondering... I have no example but I imagine that when we start going down the X-Page track we will have "partial conversions" in use at some times ... an 80/20 approach might ignore rarely used elements like configuration documents and views.

2 RajPatil commented Permalink

Underneath the Notes Browser Plugin are components of basic client. Since XPages apps on the client require the XPages runtime wihch is NOT included in the NBP, you can only open them either in the Standard Client or as a web-component. If you try opening inside the Notes browser plugin, it will open as a basic client application.

3 Newbs commented Permalink

Raj: Can you publish the code for that button so that we could use it for accessing another Notes application using the plug-in. It also seems to detect that the plug-in is installed so we would like to know how that is done.


4 RajPatil commented Permalink

All that button is doing is to send the command "notes:home" to the browser/. Since we have installed the NOTES: handler, the browser takes care of launching the Notes Browser Plugin.

5 LelaniFrancia commented Permalink

Why I can't see the Notes browser plug-in icon when using Mozilla? When can you support it?

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