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1 pnelson commented Permalink

Hi Raj,

Is it now possible to have the Notes Browser Plug-in installed without having a Notes Client installation already in place? Can this run without a user having the Notes client?

2 RajPatil commented Permalink

@pnelson, there is a separate installer for the Notes Browser Plug-in, which is much smaller than the client. Since this product is to enable your existing apps to run unmodified, it essentially means things like LotusScript engine and formula lang interpretor etc, which are the components which needs to be installed onto the system. So there is an installation that appens when you install Notes Browser Plug-in. But when you install NBP only package, as I mentioned it's smaller and also user is prevented from running it outside the browser.

3 YMaha commented Permalink

How to download plugin setup file alone?

4 xundong commented Permalink


Apart from domino server 9, what other versions of Domino Server the 9.0.1 browser plugin support? On the Browser Plug-in version 9 wiki, it mentioned the supported version of Domino server is 8.5.3 and forward. So what happens if we use the browser plug-in 9.0.1 with domino server 8.5.1?
the other questions is, when an xpage is opened in the browser plugin it opens the notes design elements rather than the designed xpages. Is this an expected behavior? If yes, is there a easy way by twicking the database lauch property in order to open the xPage in a separate tab/browser so user can reach the xpage version instead of the traditional notes version?
Many thanks in adv

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