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1 NormWong commented Permalink

Any ETA on build info? My colleague's would be interested in building one for training purposes without going out and buying infiniband gear....


2 CiaranDeB commented Permalink

Please see my blog entry "Request access to the pureScale demonstration kit (nanocluster) ". The kit is now available and can be used to install purescale on nanoclusters or other hardware .

3 JLouw commented Permalink

It there a way of building the nanoCluster pureScale on virtual machines - Proxmox VE images?

4 DataRaptor905 commented Permalink

the kit is now external available here for everybody to get (just fill form and we send download key): http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/im/IBM+DB2+pureScale+Acceleration+Kit+for+Trial+and+Demonstration

build information: basically any x86-64 system works for the kit above. and this is meant literally every x86-64. People build it out on VMware vSphere, MACs or pico-itx (think cigarette box size for the real aficionado). As long as you have 4 GB memory on the member nodes and about 32 GB disk (hint SSD !) you are good. I do nto suggest to go below a dual core chip though as this gets real dogdy for the setup.
The souped up version is then a 8core with real storage and 10G Ethernet if you want to knock yourself out with several 100k tpm :-).

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