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1 kopper commented Permalink

hi <div>&nbsp;</div> excelent guide I used it some days ago to re-install my FSM that died on me. <div>&nbsp;</div> one question is there a way to install a node p240 using an ISO file like I install my power blade on my IBM Blade Centers. Pureflex does not have virtual media anywhere to load the ISO file and install my VIO so what about Pureflex what are the options to install my node p240 from ISO file (VIO <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks a lot

2 Daniel Martin-Corben commented Permalink

I'm glad the guide has proved useful, sorry I'm just replying now but it would appear I don't get all my notifications, so something to look into. The last time I installed a Flex system (no FSM) I booted off a external DVD plugged into a P460's front USB socket. I also did a install off a bootable USB key with the DVD data copied over and the 2 mksysb images that span them made into one, so: cat mksysb1.img mksysb2.img &gt; complete-mksysb.img <br /> In my case it created a system with a IVM, as I had no FSM, but the details of the system as the HMC should be in the ASM config, so it should create the system as normal. Hope this helps.

3 zTim commented Permalink

Hello, IBMers <br /> scp VIOS iso file to FSM node, and then try this <div>&nbsp;</div> installios -s Server-7895-23X -S -p VIOS1 -r DefaultProfile -i -d /home/USERID/VIO2.2.2.2_1.iso -m [type MAC address of VIOS vethernet adapter. if I remember] -g [gateway] -P auto -D auto <div>&nbsp;</div> And if you are lucky you will install VIOS from FSM