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1 cggibbo commented Permalink

Should that be 2.2.3 instead of

2 Daniel Martin-Corben commented Permalink

Nope that is correct, though to be more clear its:

3 ScreenNameTaken commented Permalink

Is the "CR5/C08 or later models" a requirement for the 7.7.8 HMC version or a requirement for PowerVC.

4 Daniel Martin-Corben commented Permalink

It is a requirement for PowerVC though do check the HMC levels, as I have a C06 running 7.7.8, but as it has less the 2GB RAM the 'Power Enterprise Pools' feature does not work. You probably find that its not supported, but will work, so I'd advise checking the HMC Support pages.

5 KelleyCook commented Permalink

Besides opening it up or watching the Bios screen during a reboot, do you know of a way to check how much memory is installed in an HMC? <div>&nbsp;</div> Nevermind, a little experimentation and I figured out my own answer: <div>&nbsp;</div> head -1 /proc/meminfo. <div>&nbsp;</div> On the plus side it looks like the CR5 models we have come with 4GB.

6 cggibbo commented Permalink

Hi KelleyCook, you could also try 'monhmc -r mem'.

7 beekerg commented Permalink

A nice flag to add to the monhmc -r mem command is "-n 0". <br /> This will show output without waiting for you to stop the command running. <br /> e.g. monhmc -r mem -n0 <br /> This shows: Mem: 1034564k total, 1014768k used, 19796k free, 8612k buffers