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1 ZlatkoAIX commented Permalink

The description of the vPars is more or less correct with one important clarification. They are not are firmware-controlled. As the manual states: "The VSP also has similar requirements. In terms of scalability, it is possible to create 31 vPars in an eight socket 32 core BL890c...". Regardless whether one creates vPars or IVMs, the VSP has to be installed. It is not a light hypervisor but a full blown OS. The vPars or the IVMs are special processes in it. The vPars are equivalent to LPars with dedicated CPU and I/O. Such LPars came with Power4 and AIX 5.1 but are still available on P5/6/7/8. The vPars are equivalent to AIX 5.2 (and beyond) DLPAR-capable dedicated Lpars. <br /> The IVMs are half-way between AIX 5.3 micro-partitions and the system WPARs (on the CPU/memory side) plus VIO (on the I/O side). It is important to remember that there is only one VSP which combines the functions of both the Power Hypervisor and VIOS. Forget about the dual-VIOS set-up and VIOS concurrent upgrades.

2 Daniel Martin-Corben commented Permalink

Thanks for that clarification, very helpful.