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1 Francisco_Pepe commented Permalink

Hi Alex,
As you know, we tried this in Banco Galicia (Portal 8) and it really helped us to improve performance, specially in many pages in which the BP in charge of the development added portlets with personalization rules.

Enabling PzN caching in PersonalizationService.properties helped us to reduce significantly the amount of queries against the DB from those pages, and so, total pages response time, resources usage, etc.
Based on your recommendation we also added "rulesEngine.user.nestedGroupLookup" property and this also helped us a lot.
Before adding this, we saw many web container threads blocked in VMMs code lines, operations related to nested group lookup, and CPU usage was up to 95% in a high load scenario. After setting this parameter non web container threads were blocked and CPU usage was around 60% average in the same high load scenario.
Thanks for your help!

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