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1 arlindo commented Permalink

Hi Alex,

if I have a topology of the following:
IHS-->WAS Plugin-->WAS
Based on the above, I consider the WAS plugin as acting as a reverse proxy, now my question is more around caching. Can I use mod_cache to cache DYNAMIC servlet\struts2 content based on a URI path by using the mod_cache module using the above topology. I have been really struggling to find an example of this anywhere and it seems some IHS modules conflict with the plugin module? I know that WAS has something called dynacache, however we really can't use this.
Again, I know you must be a really busy person but I am really hoping you could guide me in the right direction.

2 AlexLang commented Permalink

First, mod_disk_cache is absolutely a reserve proxy that simpy honors the cache-control and Expires headers in the content that it stores.

So, you can store dynamic servlet\struts2 content based on a URI as long as it comes out of the app server with the correct cache-control and Expires headers.
The store in the IHS reverse proxy is pretty simple: the key is the URL and the value is the HTML of that content. So, as long as every user sees the same content for that struts URL, you are OK.
However, if each user sees different content based on his ID, then you don't want to cache the content in the IHS mod_disk_cache; it needs to be rendered by the app server every time.

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