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Comments (6)

1 georgepuum commented Permalink

use facade code.

2 Roeland_Bestman commented Permalink

How will this approach work with projects in IWCM8? Is it also possible to publish whole projects and preview the content?

3 AlexLang commented Permalink

This approach will certainly work in V8 as well. However, it might not be needed as Projects are viewable "in context" in V8. I'll have to update the blog entry to specifically address V8.

4 Roeland_Bestman commented Permalink

Thanks Alex, that would be much appreciated. In my current project we have trouble previewing movements of site areas within a project.

5 ds60162 commented Permalink

I am also very interested in an update based on v8.0.0.1.

6 SuperSpeedy commented Permalink

Thanks, great overview even with a little bit of coding direction, nice job

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