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1 DougBreaux commented Permalink

Need to locate a current link for the Apache Caching Guide (yeah, I realize this post is 3 years old).

2 AlexLang commented Permalink

Doug: Done! Thanks!

3 DougBreaux commented Permalink

Thanks, Alex.

Another Q:
What's the advantage of disk cache for files that are just served from the local filesystem? Is it related to cache being checked before a request is routed to the WAS plugin?

4 AlexLang commented Permalink


I can't speak definitively because I don't know the internals of Apache. But it is true that if the item is in the cache, the plugin (nor the logic to determine the location of the content) needs to be checked. I suspect that since the headers and the data are sitting in the database in a form that mod_disk_cache prefers, that there is processing (path length) that can be avoided if the local content is in the cache.

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