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Good point Nick. As long as I keep my Twitter friends (or is it followers) list fairly small, I think the occasional interruption is fine. Most of the twitterisms I see are fairly mundane, and don't directly interest me anyway.

I had considered pulling my twitters into a feed, and then following that via my aggregator, but that doesn't feel like a good fit either.
The growl integration is kinda interesting, because I already have my IM set up to do some amount of growling, so the current setup (growl without IM) is actually removing one attention stealing source from my view: IM.
BTW, do we have Growl integration in Jazz yet? :-)

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"Tivo'd baseball?"

a must for the serious fan. not for the results, which are meaningless, but to see how the players look. i thought Papelbon looked different, for example, and it would seem that Francona agreed from his late interview on NESN.

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