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1 brian_s commented Permalink

Very nice, I like how you do the sysdumpdev disconnect and reconnect. Great post!

2 ViktorV commented Permalink

If LPAR uses LUNs from SAN storage, mapped through VIOS-es, hcheck_interval should be set, to automatically paths recover.

hcheck_interva defines how often the health check is performed on the paths for a device. The attribute supports a range from 0 to 3600 seconds. When a value of 0 is selected, health checking is disabled.
Note: start of changeHealth check is performed only if the disk has been opened by some process and not yet closed. If no entity has the disk opened, the Path Control module does not check the paths even if the hcheck_interval attribute of that device has been set to a nonzero value.end of change

3 UrbanBiel commented Permalink

Thanks mate!

Thanks for feedback. Good hint for more complex blog entry e.g. HA setup of client lpar in dualvios,

4 punia commented Permalink

very nice...thanks