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1 Richard_Carter commented Permalink

Did you try simply moving your router to the 2nd or 3rd floor? I've only ever lived in 2-story houses but I have discovered that for some reason, a router is incredibly more powerful when it's put on the 2nd floor instead of the 1st floor. I assume it's because the ground absorbs radio waves whereas the roof can reflect some? Anyway at my last parents' house we just moved the cable modem (it worked at any cable jack, I don't see why it wouldn't) and the router upstairs and everything was great all around the house.

I do love DD-WRT though. I'm currently using Tomato on a WRT54GL because I prefer its interface but I also have a WRT54G with DD-WRT which I repurpose for various things (wired-to-wireless bridge, wireless repeater, LAN party switch, etc.). Currently it's serving as a WEP access point for my Nintendo DS (SSID hidden, MAC filtering enabled).

2 nickpoore commented Permalink

yeah I tried all kinds of things. I never had any wifi problems in my old house and in fact when I first moved here I thought there was something wrong with TWC here because my internet connection was so slow. One thing I did figure out was that I can get a better signal when I am above the access point rather than below it. So I could get a better signal on the 3rd floor from the 1st floor AP than I could from the 3rd floor AP on the 2nd floor.

I haven't tried MAC filtering in a while but many years ago when I tried it never worked very well. One think that was crazy was when I first turned on the router out of the box with factory default settings of SSID "linksys" and no encryption I had about 15 clients connected already. (there is an appt complex pretty close to my house)

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