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1 016Q_Jerry_Sutton commented Permalink

This could be useful I have ran into this situation several times and having to pull the file back out and extract it just to reload it isn't the best solution.

2 Norberto commented Permalink

Exactly... As we already have DB2 there, and it has Java, we are able to extract files without having to download any further binaries. Usually we don't have root as well...

Anyways, some fellows told me the best way of downloading the right unzip binaries for times we don't have JDK around. I'll add it to this post right away.

3 Norberto commented Permalink

For situations when you don't have Java around (like when using some versions of DB2 Express-C as mentioned above), it's possible to download "unzip" for Linux (Debian) at

On AIX, you can find unzip binaries here:
In both cases you won't need to be root, but please make sure you add the binaries you'll use to the PATH env variable.