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Whoo hoo! I love it! <div>&nbsp;</div> I haven't taken any extended time off, but I've noticed a steady reduction in my email as well over the past few months. <div>&nbsp;</div> This morning, for example, I came into the office, logged on, and discovered 10 (only 10) emails in my inbox, most of which were irrelevant, and none of which required any action from me. <div>&nbsp;</div> It's a Festivus miracle! <div>&nbsp;</div> Or the joy of working transparently and collaboratively in Connections communities. <div>&nbsp;</div> Love it! <div>&nbsp;</div>

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You ROCK, Kelly! Because of your drive to do this, share it out, and get others like me involved, I actually saved myself a week's worth of work playing catch-up after my last vacation. Instead of slogging through my inbox for a week, I was 100% caught up by the end of my first day back! Seriously solid tangible value there :)