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1 sylvainb commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> good feature to have ! <br /> We were waiting for a multi record update on some fields type like refrence/ ref list that cannot be updated before without using the eclipse client. <div>&nbsp;</div> Sylvain

2 AcdntlPoet commented Permalink

Sylvain- Glad you will find these new features useful! Thanks for commenting and letting us know... after all, we LOVE feedback! :)

3 pascalezerlauth commented Permalink

When will this version be available? Nearly 9 month since this video was posted.

4 AcdntlPoet commented Permalink

Soon, pascalezerlauth, soon. :) The video was posted to highlight the open beta. The development team has since taken the results of the beta and have been working hard to address the feedback they received from all the beta users. I don't know an exact date for release, but I do know they are preparing for it :)