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Full acknowledge on "client-first"! <div>&nbsp;</div> He pay's the money for you to deliver the expected quality and value to his/her business. So it should be our motivation to give him in return a good result. <br /> In my humble opinion we can delight a customer when adding the following goodies to the deliverables (as far it makes sense of course ;-): <div>&nbsp;</div> -- Be the customer the major partner in the whole process <br /> -- Share the language of the customer (=build a common ground of understanding to start from) <br /> -- Value the compentences of the customer <br /> -- Be open-minded and constructive to the customer right from the start <br /> -- Tell him what is possible, partly possible and what is not (in that case try to evaluate alternatives with the customer). <br /> -- Be dependable <div>&nbsp;</div> I find out that nearly all customers appreaciate that approach, as they were felt treated as valued customers. Also being in the loop gives them certainty that the on-going steps are heading towards the goals. You just take them out of the black-box situation, were they do not know where all their money flows. <div>&nbsp;</div> Finally: You will know that you were succesful, when the customer returns to you with the next deal instead of returning you the deliverable of the last project (including the complains). <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers!

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Thank you for the wonderful and insightful comment, Herr Janze! You've touched on some of the core values we believe in here; values which work to benefit us all, client and IBMer alike. It is these core values which are crucial not only for a business' success, but to see that business become influential as well which drives success even further. :)