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1 andypiper commented Permalink

Neat, very quick! I guess I'd need someone with native skills in one of the featured languages to know how accurate / good it is.

2 sjpeich commented Permalink

The Spanish is pretty accurate, although I'm not sure if "en tiempo real" is the correct idiom for "real time" as English slang. A native speaker can confirm :-) <div>&nbsp;</div> Some technical problems that I had in the machine translation: <div>&nbsp;</div> 1) When I tried to click "Add a Comment" in the Spanish translated page, the IBM login page wouldn't come up. The page just hung. I had to go back to English to log in and add this comment. <div>&nbsp;</div> 2) Also, when you hove over any of the action buttons, it offers you a widget where you can "fix" the machine translation of the UI text. That's cool, but I think it might be interfering with the function of the actual link itself (maybe the cause of my problems in #1). <div>&nbsp;</div> Good tool, though!