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1 GerhardRathmann commented Permalink

Please review the link provided - it leads to a document on a completely different topic with no obvious relation to "Token Licensing Concepts and Implementations". <div>&nbsp;</div> Thx <br /> Gerhard

2 AcdntlPoet commented Permalink

Gerhard- I validated the link in the original blog post leads to the appropriate Whitepaper publication on <br /> The document attached to the whitepaper entry above is titled "Token Licensing Concepts and Implementations" and looks to be 100% valid for the topic at hand. <div>&nbsp;</div> I saw reports of some 404 errors Friday the 18th via our Facebook page as well, which leads me to believe there may have been a hiccup on causing some of these issues. From all I can see at this point, however, the link appears to be functioning correctly. <div>&nbsp;</div>