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6 LukeyM commented Permalink

Nice effort. As usual good info shipped!

7 Kabilanks commented Permalink

Does RTVS has the ability to modify data and generate synthetic data ?

8 SteveBachini commented Permalink

The RTVS question is a bit broad, you don't say exactly what you are trying to do... <div>&nbsp;</div> RTVS gives you the Rational Integration Tester Agent (RIT-Agent) that allows you to run stubs that are deployed to it. Stubs are created in Rational Integration Tester (RIT) which is part of Rational Test Workbench (RTW). <div>&nbsp;</div> Stubs can have most test actions added to them which allows you to manipulate data when triggered by the receipt of a message. <br /> A lot of users record real messages and use these to create stubs, before modifying them to add business logic and custom data. <div>&nbsp;</div> See the Info Center section on stub creation here: <div>&nbsp;</div> It would be possible to generate synthetic data using test actions but most users create test data in CSV, Excel and database form so that they have repeatable testing values.