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1 MrChris commented Permalink

FYI - First diagram is wrong. <br /> GH VIE -&gt; RTVS (not RPTS)

2 Ashok.Rao commented Permalink

Thanks for the update Mr.Chris. The update will take effect.

3 LukeC commented Permalink

I refer to the first FAQ: <br /> • Would I get only one license of Rational Integration Tester without the other inclusions of Rational Test Workbench? <br /> • Yes, an Activation Kit would serve the cause, which is exclusive to Rational Integration Tester. <div>&nbsp;</div> It should be noted that Rational Integration Tester (RIT) is a component of Rational Test Workbench (RTW) and as such you are licensed to use RTW and ALL of its components. RIT is not available separately and is thus is not licensed separately. An RTW licence key (or activation kit) will enable all RTW components. <div>&nbsp;</div> Also, IBM Rational Performance Test Server (RPTS) and IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server (RTVS) DO REQUIRE A SEPARATE LICENCE. You are not entitled to use them without a licence. However, they do not require activation keys and thus will run immediately after installation. <div>&nbsp;</div> It is important to note that possession of a key does not imply entitlement, you must be licensed (have a valid licence agreement) to use the software.

4 AcdntlPoet commented Permalink

Thanks all! I've updated the post with the correct diagram. Cheers!

5 Ashok.Rao commented Permalink

Luke, <div>&nbsp;</div> Good to see your comment. <div>&nbsp;</div> You make sense by saying RIT is a part of RTW and RTW license would enable all the features of RIT, RPT and RFT. Also Rational Integration Tester (RIT) is not available stand alone. <div>&nbsp;</div> However there is a standalone RIT activation kit available as a package in RTW. You may use the RTW to serve license for either of RPT, RIT and RFT and use RIT activation kit on a standalone machine. <div>&nbsp;</div> When I mention : <br /> "IBM Rational Performance Test Server (RPTS) and IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server (RTVS) does not require a separate license, as software download from Passport advantage gets a pre loaded license" <div>&nbsp;</div> PA (Passport advantage) accounts are issued on successful agreement with IBM. So that clarifies the need for valid licence agreement. <div>&nbsp;</div> Also RPTS and RTVS are only valid license agreement based and does not require a specific license as it is based on PVU licensing. <br /> PVU license, as per the client company requirement (depending on the core of processors, processor brand) is calculated and would be added to the software when loaded to PA.

6 LukeyM commented Permalink

Nice effort. As usual good info shipped!

7 Kabilanks commented Permalink

Does RTVS has the ability to modify data and generate synthetic data ?

8 SteveBachini commented Permalink

The RTVS question is a bit broad, you don't say exactly what you are trying to do... <div>&nbsp;</div> RTVS gives you the Rational Integration Tester Agent (RIT-Agent) that allows you to run stubs that are deployed to it. Stubs are created in Rational Integration Tester (RIT) which is part of Rational Test Workbench (RTW). <div>&nbsp;</div> Stubs can have most test actions added to them which allows you to manipulate data when triggered by the receipt of a message. <br /> A lot of users record real messages and use these to create stubs, before modifying them to add business logic and custom data. <div>&nbsp;</div> See the Info Center section on stub creation here: <div>&nbsp;</div> It would be possible to generate synthetic data using test actions but most users create test data in CSV, Excel and database form so that they have repeatable testing values.