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1 localhost commented Permalink

Wow, 5000 hits a day? Clearly these can't be coming from bots or crawlers, they must be real people, because obviously there's some quality content here.<div>&nbsp;</div> Do I qualify? ;-)

2 localhost commented Trackback

And I thought the new MDM Workbench developerWorks forum was doing pretty well!<div>&nbsp;</div> Those prizes sound good... maybe I need some moo cards for the workbench space and forum :)

3 localhost commented Trackback

You guys rock. :-)

4 localhost commented Permalink

Am I #4?!?!?!? I'm certainly not a spambot.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Ok, but seriously, it would be nice for us ClearCase support types to have more contact with our brethren in AP and the US...