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1 JB@IBM commented Permalink

I am SO Jealous! Do you still visit your inbox for messages with the intent of responding using a non-email medium? <div>&nbsp;</div> I want to be NEXT!<div>&nbsp;</div>

2 brenny commented Permalink

Oh you should talk to Luis Suarez. He made a decision about eight months ago to deal with all his colleagues using social media tooling, and not to do anything in email unless it required privacy.<div>&nbsp;</div> He reported the same feelings of focus, and freedom.<div>&nbsp;</div> Hey, maybe you can extend this out even after you get your email working!

3 kellypuffs commented Permalink

oh, I'm tempted. I got my email and calendar back this afternoon (wouldn't you know, after finally writing a blog post about it), and I'm already wishing it were gone.<div>&nbsp;</div> Now how to convince my boss? :-)