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1 khalsted commented Permalink

I can't speak for Acme Co., but it gets even better at Rational: The User Assistance professionals who write the documentation are knowledge workers too, and we definitely reuse that knowledge gathered by the Support team. <div>&nbsp;</div> We monitor PMRs for information that can improve the documentation, and we update our Internet-based information centers. Then our modern help system automatically updates your installed product's documentation, in a cycle that is often substantially less than 60-90 days. We're not building an encyclopedia either, unless you're thinking of Wikipedia. <div>&nbsp;</div> You do win, because we're working as one team with you. <br />

2 kellypuffs commented Permalink

Yes! Capturing knowledge gained from support cases is just the first step. Harvesting that knowledge for inclusion in information centers "closes the loop", so to speak, ensuring that appropriate content is added to the product documentation. <div>&nbsp;</div> Whoo hoo!