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1 Rosa commented Permalink

Ver useful. Thanks,

2 628M_Kean_Stump commented Permalink

This is good. The missing piece is, where are denied license requests logged?

3 AcdntlPoet commented Permalink

Great question @628M_Kean_Stump... I'll have my licensing team look at this on Monday and get back with an answer/update!

4 jcbalin commented Permalink

Actually, a more extensive reporting option for CLM/ Jazz license usage will be releasing at the end of 3rd Q, 2013 - the Rational License Key Administration and Reporting Tool. It will provide reports for IBM Rational products which are served by the Flexlm Rational Key License Server and the CLM license Server. It supports floating and token license models. Once released, we will announce it on and dW. <div>&nbsp;</div> Using the Rational License Key Administration and Reporting Tool, a license administrator can generate reports on various license usage patterns. The reports can then be used for planning future license procurement, auditing current usage, and charging back across their organizations. Out-of-the-box reports include: Peak usage, Peak denial, Token distribution, Charge back, Entitlement, User based, and License expiration. <div>&nbsp;</div> Rational License Key Administration and Reporting Tool reporting also enables direct querying of license consumption data. This capability allows administrators to create custom reports and provides a way to feed license consumption data to other reporting tools.

5 jcbalin commented Permalink

In terms of the above comment, if you want more information on the Rational License Key Administration and Reporting Tool, contact me at