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1 AaronAllsbrook comentou às Link permanente

Looks like the date has been updated, the registration link shows April 18th.

2 AcdntlPoet comentou às Link permanente

Aaron, it appears you're correct. Mea Culpa and my my apologies. I have updated the post to reflect the new date and will send some tweets and FB posts as well to get the word out. Thnaks for the comment and heads up!

3 AlexAkilov comentou às Link permanente

Is the session at 10am ET (as indicated in the email and the event site) or 11am ET as indicated above?

4 AcdntlPoet comentou às Link permanente

Alex- The time as best I can tell is indeed 11am EDT (8am PDT). It seems the discrepency may be due to time-zone settings relfecting Central time in the registration page. Selecting the time-zone correct for you should result in the correct time displayed.