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DeveloperWorks, and IBM Rational (of course ;o) has been posting some fine material these past few months. It is appreciated! <div>&nbsp;</div> One minor request: Might it be possible to include transcripts as an accompaniment to the video posts? I realize that many users prefer videos or podcasts. And I also realize that watching the screen, as software is explained, is helpful and facilitates learning. But I still like to have something to read too (lots of reasons for that, despite the benefits of technology). Even minimal text-based content, e.g. a few pages worth of bullet points, slide-show style, would be great.

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Oh wow! I just figured out how to get what I was requesting in my prior comment! <br /> First I clicked on the gear shaped icon, with six teeth (spokes?), on the lower right, and increased the quality to 720p. That made the video text easier to read, much sharper. Then I clicked on the button immediately adjacent to the gear, to the left, that reads "CC". There were two choices, I selected "Automatic captions, Transcribe Audio". And it works, quite well, despite the "beta" designation. This is awesome!

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Lisa / Circe- Thanks for your great feedback! Always nice to know when our content is found to be useful and appreciated :) And, as you found, we do include transcripts with the videos we publish out (via the Rational Support channel at least). We work hard to ensure accessibility criteria is met. Like you we love the "beta" transcription feature!