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Comments (2)

1 AmitMalik commented Permalink

Hi Yulie,

We had similar issue with one of customer and I can retrieve the discovery configuration from tip server. Thanks for the tips.
I have one more issue - discovery process on core server is starting on a mgmt interface (10.X.X.X) - but I want to start my discovery process on data interface (192.X.X.X) . I have changed the ServiceData.cfg file - SERVICE: ncp_disco DOMAIN: NBN_P ADDRESS: 192.x.X.X PORT: <> SERVERNAME: <hostname for="for" data="data" interface="interface"> DYNAMIC: NO
/etc/hosts file also have correct correct entry for mgmt interface and data interface.
Any advise on how to fix this issue would be a great help.</hostname>

2 Yulei.Liu.AU commented Permalink

Hi Amit,

First of all, entries in Servicesdata.cfg file are for ITNM internal communication only. so bonding disco to management interface is in fact correct.
Secondly, I think disco can only be DYNAMIC.

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