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Hi! I believe it was two years ago, when I first enter the world of Lotus and WebSphere. I started working in research and developerWorks was the first page I always chose to start my search. <div>&nbsp;</div> Now I have two spaces and also participate in the Lotus Domino and WebSphere Portal forums. <div>&nbsp;</div> I think it is the best and bigger resource for us, techs and also developers, regarding support and information. <div>&nbsp;</div> I am glad I am part of it. <div>&nbsp;</div> Happy Birthday dW!

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I first started visiting developerWorks in 2002 when I joined IBM and got value out of the forums to answer questions and discover information. Starting in the summer of 2004, I started blogging for InsideLotus with about 6-7 other IBMers. Many of whom have since broken free from developerWorks and have very successful blogs on their own to include Ed Brill, who has been blogging way before I got involved, Alan Lepofsky, and Adam Gartenberg. Today, InsideLotus is a very successful blog run by Chris Reckling and myself.

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I come to developerWorks just because it is the best source for technical information on IBM products and technologies. I used it since it born. Just awesome!

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I've been lucky enough to be involved with developerWorks, off and on, since it started, mostly working with content from many of the topic areas -- Java, Linux, Web development, wireless, autonomic computing, and Power Architecture (I'm sure there are 50 or so authors out there that would like to find me). The one thing I've always appreciated about the multi-magazine site is its ongoing committment to providing the development and design community the best possible base of knowledge in the most digestible form to help them do their work. Thanks for the experience -- here's to eight more!

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Happy Birthday dW! Gracias.

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Happy Birthday DW8th.<div>&nbsp;</div> I'm from korea. and i've been working as lotus developer for 10 years.<div>&nbsp;</div> Actually i didn't know dw site until one years ago. because my english is not good. but i'm really really happy to be known great site for us. if i knew more and more early , my develope skill is imporoved before then.<div>&nbsp;</div> Now i'am getting newsletter from dw. it's my pleasure and happy. Always new technolodge and good tip gave me help.<div>&nbsp;</div> Recently i've read the article about composite application.<div>&nbsp;</div> wow.. that was a killer. Anyway please give us continue good knowledge and good tip.. so i'll give you a little my user exprience. <div>&nbsp;</div> Happy birthday DW. YOU ARE the BEST.

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developerWorks had such an important effect on me, that it determined me to join IBM Romania as an employee.<div>&nbsp;</div> Happy birthay, dW !

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Thanks, everyone, for your first-person accounts. Keep 'em coming. <div>&nbsp;</div> Cristian, we're honored by your career-changing story. (Glad you've joined us!) And I'm particularly gratified to see your remarks, Jose, which reflect our strong focus on open source and open standards and reaffirm the importance and impact of dW's high-quality articles and valuable resources. <div>&nbsp;</div> For those of you who are among the 2,699,990 or so more dW community members who've yet to share your story, please feel free to post your own brief note here.

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Ever since 2006 during my first tryout of IBM DB2, I got to DW first and ever since I have been addicted to the portal.<div>&nbsp;</div> I participate in the DB2 Express Forums and DB2 App Development Forums.<div>&nbsp;</div> I even thank dw for accepting and publishing quality content from IBMers to non-IBMers.<div>&nbsp;</div> HAPPY BIRTHDAY 8 DW.<div>&nbsp;</div> MAY YOU REACH EVEN GREATER HEIGHTS IN THE YEARS TO COME !<div>&nbsp;</div>

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