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1 FerGor1 commented Permalink

Excellent work. <div>&nbsp;</div> I suggest (only for LG phones, not rooted) a simpler procedure that I use with my LG G2 in order to perform a MQA demo to customers. <div>&nbsp;</div> LG provides a Windows application: LG On-Screen Phone to see the smartphone screen on desktop, connecting notebook and smartphone by USB cable. Very easy and works. <div>&nbsp;</div> Ferdinando

2 MuraliK,Meduri commented Permalink

Thanks for your time FerGor

3 MuraliK,Meduri commented Permalink

I have come across 2 more tools/softwares named BlueStacks ( and AirDroid ( which too you can use for same purpose. Nice tools they are too.

4 ZiyadMoraished commented Permalink

Thanks for the post. I just want to add one brilliant tool that i came across today which is Mobizen. i have tried multiple tools but none of them was as good as Mobizen.

5 MuraliK,Meduri commented Permalink

Thanks ZiyadMoraished, much informative it is